for some strange reason i can relate to this statement. i can see myself taking these measures. oh this may be bad. ohhhh this may be good.

the song and its entireity. i like.- acoustic version @ least…

and more to fill your well was acousticism.

metric is the band w/ her in it. check it out as well…


cool stuff. good design. good graphics. i briefly looked but i liked what i saw.

heres just a taste:

made me smile. and someones gots a lotta time on their hands? murah

Rhett Dashwood

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humanity ring. for good hearts, kind soul, big idea.

“people to people, heart to heart, love is life”

interesting. entertaining.

surprise surprise. i want one of these too.

ha. soo handy.


nice. and u dont even have to use them just for books..anything!


i need some of these.

good thought for new uses on water bottles.

library for birmingham, england.

skin? meh eh either way buildings w/ skin are awesome. although i think they can get a bit over done if too many focus on purely that. bah muh.

done by dutch archy…mecanoo.

oh yeah and i like how every library design is like towering huge thing. i guess librarys just gotta be massively big. make sense. tones of knowledge to store! meek

pritzker prize winner.

i should. u should. we should. check out his works. suhweet.

and look @ the white hair. ha something about archies and pure white hair. i totally can understand why though. murh.

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