city maps. woven.

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after being jagged by it…coffee would be really necessary. it keeps yo morning paper and readings too. how convenient.

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love to all jellies! whooo. strange looking but something appeals to me. meh. meek.

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kinda cool. kinda bright. =]

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think about the shadows for these. be pretty sweet.

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can’t decide how i feel about the idea of this but it is pretty. =]

Modern & Contemporary Design Magazine / Public Stairs by Alvaro Uribe/ Products / DESIGNSPOTTER.COM

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Modern & Contemporary Design Magazine / urbancase – Camera Candle/ Products / DESIGNSPOTTER.COM

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me likey.

mickey likey

mickey likey again…

mickey likey again..and me too



a story, turned animation, celebrating the heart warming value of friendship.

i wanna seeeee ittt. me wuv animations.